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Welcome to CO Ads
Good day, eh!

Fellow Canucks, welcome to CO Ads. We’re here to help you make an effortless decision about whether your Canadian business needs online presence.


You may be on the verge of turning a hobby into a home-based business. You may have run the family concern for decades. If you’re not computer-savvy, the whole idea of having a website can be overwhelming. Where to start, what you need, who to trust with your budget… can be daunting.

Your expertise

Building the Canadian Only directory, we’ve encountered thousands of Canadians who do their own thing and are their own kind of expert. They don’t want to be distracted by domain details or have mind-boggling webtool wingdings with high and hidden costs.

“Do you have a website?”

Most Canadians when asked, “Do you have a website?” just want to be able to answer a smiling, happy, resounding, “Yes!”.


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Whatever you do, online presence gets your business recognized.